11 Apr

Promotion is bad for mental health?

You should thank your bosses for not giving you the promotion you were hoping for. According to an article published in today’s print version of Daily Times, a study presented at the conference of Royal Economic Society concludes that job promotion increases the mental strain by an average of 10%.

After reading this article about this research at University of Warwick, I am suddenly feeling guilty of my own thoughts. I had unpleasant opinion against my one boss who was not supportive of my career growth. How could I feel bad about her while she was simply holding back or interrupting my promotion to save me from the increased mental strain!!!


The article says, and I quote, “While analysing the British Household Panel Survey data set involving 1000 individual promotions, they found no evidence of improved physical health. However, those who were promoted experienced a significantly greater mental strain.”

Very technical finding!

The article quotes a researcher, “Our research finds that the mental health of managers typically deteriorates after a job promotion, and in a way that goes beyond merely a short-term change.”

Do you agree with this finding?

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