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16. ORW (Opportunities through Rehabilitation and Work Society)

Independent Canadian non-profit resource serving organizations, business and government involved in the employment of persons with disabilities. Provides FAQ, labour statistics, and related links.
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17. Spectrum Disabled Training and Employment

A not-for-profit community association integrating people with disabilities in to the community through training for real-world employment.
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18. HireDeaf.com

Search online job listings and post resumes.
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19. National centre for promotion of employment for disabled people (NCPEDP)

A non-profit voluntary organisation working as an interface between government, industry, international agencies and the voluntary sector towards the promotion of better employment opportunities for disabled people. (India)
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20. National Business & Disability Council (NBDC)

Provides corporations with a full range of services to assist them in successfully integrating people with disabilities into the workplace.
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21. VetsInfo Guide

U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Civil Service employment and veterans.
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22. Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)

PASS is an SSI work incentive under which persons with disabilities can set aside income and/or resources to be used to achieve specific work goals. A PASS can be established to cover the costs of obtaining an education, receiving vocational training, starting a business, or purchasing support services which enable individuals to work and result in reduction/cessation of benefits (SSI/SSDI).
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23. Training Resource Network

Disability Resources for Inclusion. Training and other resources for supported employment.
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24. Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board

Information on training, employment, employers, and career guidance. (Republic of Mauritius)
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25. Remploy Ltd

Expands the opportunities for disabled people in sustainable work both within Remploy and externally. Britain's largest employer of people with disabilities. (United Kingdom)
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26. Job Connection

Supported, non-profit employment agency that places people with disabilities into employment, offers resources in job training and self-sufficiency.
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27. SSA - Office of Employment Support Programs

Promotes the employment of Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities.
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28. Worksupport.com

Information, resources, and research regarding the employment of people with disabilities.
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29. Partnership Development Group

A Maryland consulting firm that works with private and government agencies to advocate, encourage and facilitate self-employment for people with disabilities.
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30. Work Incentives Transition Network

Free online course and factsheets on "Using SSI Work Incentives to Promote Successful Outcomes for Transition-Aged Youth".
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