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16. World Food Programme

World Food Programme (WFP) is the food aid arm of the United Nations system. Food aid is one of the many instruments that can help to promote food security, which is defined as access of all people at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life.
Rating: [7.69] Votes: [23]

17. United Nations Pakistan (UN Pakistan) Job Opportunities


Rating: [9.20] Votes: [10]

18. PSEB - Online HR Hiring Management System

Pakistan Software Export Board Jobs
Rating: [4.75] Votes: [4]

19. ThreeSixtyDegreez

ThreeSixtyDegreez is the first company to implement a complete ERP solution in Pakistan. ThreeSixtyDegreez is a full-service developer of enterprise resource planning software applications and solutions. The company is equipped to help its clients meet their demanding schedules, delivering high quality systems at affordable costs. Uniting business and management consulting, systems integration and application development, TSD provides a full life-cycle approach to Internet-based application development, through custom and packaged solutions. Their key consultants bring into each project technical expertise built upon years of experience in the Internet industry. Through a blend of its domestic and offshore resources, TSD offers many of the advantages of offshore outsourcing while eliminating potential risks. Its well-defined methodologies and standards ensure quality solutions, delivered on time.
Rating: [5.50] Votes: [2]

20. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Pakistan (UNESCO Pakistan) Jobs Section

Jobs available in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Pakistan (UNESCO Pakistan) at various locations.
Rating: [8.50] Votes: [6]

21. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Pakistan (UNHCR Pakistan) Jobs Section

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Pakistan is involved in many activities in Pakistan, running one of its most complex operations in the world. . In most countries UNHCR provides emergency assistance to newly arriving refugees or maintains refugee camps for extended periods of time or assists refugees to repatriate or helps refugees to be resettled to third countries. In Pakistan it provides all four types of aid at the same time. As well as repatriating Afghans wishing to go home, it cares for the more than one million Afghans refugees living in the refugee camps of Pakistan. It also deals with other nationalities seeking the protection of refugee status, seeks to resettle those for whom return to their homeland or local integration is impossible and works extensively to explain the needs of refugees. UNHCR's education assistance extends beyond working with the government to improve legislation, to providing instruction to officials and the public on the rights of refugees does extensive work to educate the public and government officials on the needs of refugees and Pakistan's obligations.
Rating: [8.22] Votes: [9]

22. United Nations Industrial Development Organization Pakistan (UNIDO Pakistan) Jobs Section

Operating in Pakistan since 1968, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting Sustainable Industrial Development in developing economies. UNIDO acts as a catalyst to help generate national economic wealth and raise industrial capacity through our roles as a worldwide forum for industrial development and as a provider of technical cooperation services. As such, we harness the joint forces of government and private sector to foster competitive industrial production, develop international industrial partnerships and promote socially equitable and environmentally friendly industrial production.
Rating: [3.33] Votes: [3]

23. United Nations Population Fund Pakistan (UNFPA Pakistan)

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund seeks to improve the lives and expand the choices of individuals and couples. Over time, the reproductive choices they make, multiplied across communities and countries, alter population structures and trends. UNFPA helps governments, at their request, to formulate policies and strategies to reduce poverty and support sustainable development. The Fund also assists countries to collect and analyse population data that can help them understand population trends. And it encourages governments to take into account the needs of future generations, as well as those alive today.
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24. United Nations Guidelines for preparation of Resume

Guidelines For Preparation Of Resume For Employment With The United Nations Secretariat For External Candidates.
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [2]

25. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Pakistan Jobs Section

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is seeking qualified, energetic professionals in a wide range of fields to join us in our efforts to combat the threats posed by drugs, crime and terrorism. UNODC offers challenging assignments - monitoring drug abuse and trafficking trends, helping countries achieve substantial reductions in drug supply and demand and assisting countries in forging new partnerships for tackling important issues such as money laundering, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings.
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [2]

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