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Top > How to get shortlisted for an interview

Resume and Curriculum Vitae essentially serve just primary purpose:
To get you selected for an interview! What happens next greatly depends on your performance at the interview table.

For each vacancy advertised, the number of resumes received can be in hundreds and thousands. When that happens, a typical recruiter can not spend, at maximum, more than 30-45 seconds on each resume while short listing from the initial lot.

If your resume does not get selected at this stage, YOU have been dropped from the selection process!

The recruiter would then go through the selected resumes for a second time and start picking the resumes of the candidates who would be called for the interview.

Therefore, it is critical that not only your resume should stand out from hundreds and thousands in the first round, but it should also serve the purpose during the detailed screening and result in a call for an interview.

We have helped innumerous job seekers in improving and re-writing their resumes over the last 15 years. Now we have decided to offer this service to all job seekers, and at an extremely affordable cost. We are not here to make a business and therefore we will not charge you the rates other resume and CV writing services are charging. Its all part of our ongoing efforts to help the job seekers.
The cost for resume analysis and writing with upto 2 drafts and a final version is a flat fee of $75.00 only. This is as low as half of what some agencies are charging.

To apply, please click here.

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