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1. Kuwait Investment Company

Country: Kuwait. Founded in 1961, Kuwait Investment Company was the first Kuwaiti shareholding entity specializing in short and long term investment activities. Over the years, KIC established a solid reputation as one of the leading investment companies in Kuwait with strong access to regional and international markets. Consequently, it has developed strong relationships with renowned financial institutions throughout the globe. Capitalizing on a team of qualified professionals with a rich and favorable track record, KIC remains a pioneer in its field. And with that comes experience you can trust.
Rating: [8.80] Votes: [10]

2. Commercial Facilities

Country: Kuwait
Rating: [4.00] Votes: [1]

3. The Securities House

Country: Kuwait
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [2]

4. International Finance Company, Kuwait

Description from their website: International Finance Company - Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company - was established in 1980 AD and is one of the main companies operating in the field of financing sales by repayable by convenient installments. IFC has contributed to the progress of the Kuwaiti economy and catering for the needs of citizens in the field of financing transport vehicles. Indeed, it played a prominent and effective role in financing the purchase of cars, trucks, marine equipment, electronic appliances and many others.
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0]

5. Kuwait Investments Projects Company

Country: Kuwait
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [1]

6. The International Investor

Country: Kuwait
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0]

7. National Investment

Country: Kuwait - No website Found
Rating: [9.00] Votes: [1]

8. The Coast Development Co

Country: Kuwait - No website Found
Rating: [5.00] Votes: [4]


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