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Please allow me to sit back, relax and tell this story!
Aarknet was born at a time when internet was far from being commercial. Stories of Amazon and Yahoo were narrated as yet another application of this network (and not what their stock ticker was doing!). Way back in 1997 the spirit of the internet was an atmosphere of self-less sharing, of doing things without asking, "What's in it for me?".

My peers would tell me stories of how ordinary folks, connected around the world through this wonderful thing called "internet", would come forward and help complete strangers in building complex systems, give out information that might help others earn a better living or simply improve an existing application. I learnt HTML from a girl I never met in my life. Not then. Not since then.

My motivation for building, which eventually gave birth to (2001), and then (2004), was the realization that employment is one of the most crucial issues for the mankind; People should be able to find the maximum possible support in improving their ability to earn their living without dishing out money or going through complex sign-up procedure.

I spent a decade working in Dubai, one of the choicest destinations for overseas employment. While living and working there, friends in other countries would ask for tips and links for searching job in the Gulf region. And from there started a journey that has never bored me, or exhausted me. If anything, it has simply continued to inspire me!

I hope these portals help you in your endeavors and I will be glad to read your suggestions and advice on how to improve it further.

Raza Jaffri
Founder and Editor, and

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