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Gulf Region



Job ID: 429 - External Affairs Manager/PR Manager/Corporate Communications Manager/CSR Manager
July 10, 2005

Job Title: External Affairs Manager/PR Manager/Corporate Communications Manager/CSR Manager
Industry: FMCG
Function: Other
Job Location: Saudi Arabia
Position Level: Senior Management
Employment Type: Permanent
Salary Level: $7000 - $8000
Gender: No Preferences

Skills Required: External Affairs Manager/PR Manager/Corporate Communications Manager/CSR Manager
PURPOSE STATEMENT: Develop and implement the Market architecture part of the Saudi Cora Strat- and company plan for the respective markets, get engaged with stakeholders (governments, authorities, municipalities, media, etc.) on different levels (from the Minister/undersecretary to the working level) and be part of the design of the regulatory environment in the markets.
*to get engaged with stakeholders (governments, municipalities, customs, media, distributors) and set up a solid network of contacts to drive the regulatory issues in their respective markets (PARALLEL MARKET, REGULATORY BODIES, smuggling, excise, etc.)
*to run PUBLIC AWARENESS campaigns (if possible in cooperation resp. with endorsement of governments, municipalities) and/or other CSR/community related initiatives
*to brief internal and external stakeholders about Company’s positions on public habits & health, PUBLIC AWARENESS, business values, REGULATIONS, etc.
*support and advise trade and brand marketing in responsibly running promotions
*being closely linked to their markets (field force) to understand, support and direct the business accordingly
*support their respective business on specific issues like: -female focus in KSA -level playing field in Kuwait -etc.

Job Description:

Issues like PARALLEL MARKET/DPP and minimum pricing, implementing the REGULATION into national regulation, getting engaged with governments etc. on a regular basis, retaining the right to communicate to customers to mention but a few have direct influence on the way we can run our business and make profit. Representing the company to external and internal stakeholders, getting our messages about health across, demonstrating that we are a responsible company, seriously interested in becoming a reliable partner of governments etc. is a key factor for our goal to achieve long-term and sustainable profitable business. Especially issues like solving the PARALLEL MARKET problem have a tremendous impact on our business performance (volume and profit!) and are in the forefront of our market architecture activities. Also the support of the predetermined strategy with issues like female focus in KSA ask for strong liaison with in terms of social acceptability (media!), legal alignment etc.

ii.Knowledge, Skills & Experience
*long-term experience in either public affairs/relations departments of industry, agencies, in governments, associations etc.
*ideally have knowledge of the industry or, at least, of an industry which has a controversial public perception
*Candidate is able to negotiate/communicate with stakeholders on a very high level but also with our field force
*Candidate is trustworthy and reliable
*Has a minimum age (seniority) of mid thirties
*Has high social/team capabilities
*Thinks strategically but is also able to organise events
*Has good writing skills (able to right speeches, press releases etc.)
*Ideally has already contacts to the stakeholder groups
*Is of SAUDI nationality.

iii.Key Success Factors
The most important parameters by which successful performance will be judged are:
*Getting engaged with stakeholders (esp. governments, media) and setting up a robust network of contacts
*Working out our regulatory positions in the respective markets and get our positions across to regulators, journalists etc.
*Addressing and implementing measures re. PARALLEL MARKET, illicit trade, excise together with stakeholders and our local market teams
*Having an information system in place through which he/she gets early information about new developments in governments, municipalities etc.
*Understands the needs and interests of our stakeholders
*Close cooperation with other functions of the business (marketing, trade, legal)
*Briefs COMPANY employees on regulatory issues, health positions and activities
*Gets stakeholders on board in implementing PUBLIC AWARENESS and other CSR initiatives iv.Working Relationships Close working and reporting relationships must exist with the following internal & external contacts:
*External: governments (ministers, undersecretaries, assistants, press spokes person) authorities (i.e. heads of customs), municipalities (head, deputy head of municipalities), media (chief editor, news editors), NGO’s, distributors, consultants
*Internal: Marketing, Legal, Trade, Finance, Area managers, field force, local Exco team, GCC v.Additional Comments None

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